Are There Side Effects From Eating Oranges Every Day?
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Are There Side Effects From Eating Oranges Every Day?

I am eating 2-3 oranges everyday which makes me feel better from hay fever....I have been doing it for last 6 months or so and i do not get hay fever that often now...BUT i am a bit concerned that there may be some side effects of oranges? Are there any known side effects of oranges? should i stop taking it everyday?

Asked on Feb 17, 2011Improve / edit this question

6 Answers

Elizabeth Pack   L2: Contributor   2 answers   +0 votes
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Citrus is a good source of Vitamin C, and I, myself, have been eating 2-3 clementines a day to ward off colds this season.  The amount that you are consuming is not enough to cause any damage, but consuming too much Vitamin C can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn and kidney stones.  Also, if you are prone to mouth ulcers, too many oranges can cause these to increase.  I have had to cut down to only one clementine a day because ulcers are a problem for me.  Again, with the number of oranges you are eating everyday, you should not experience any of these negative side effects.  If, however, you do, try cutting one orange out a day or eating your normal amount every other day.

Posted on Feb 17, 2011
rita mahinpour   L2: Contributor   2 answers   +0 votes
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You may experience laxative effects if you consume too many oranges every day.

Posted on Feb 18, 2011
Inforead   L3: Expert   14 answers   +16 votes
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heh heh, "laxative effects" :)

Posted on Feb 18, 2011
Klinejo   L2: Contributor   2 answers   +1 votes
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Generally, there are no side effects in eating oranges everyday as a matter of fact most fruits. In fact, it is recommended to eat it daily. Eating 2-3 oranges is still normal specially applicable when your exposed to severe weather changes and strenuous activities. As a good rule, introduce other fruits rich in vitamin C in your diet. Balance is the key. Keep in mind as well that there are increasing instance of GMO (Genetically Modified) fruits such as oranges. The long term effects of these are not yet fully known. It may look harmless for now but these GMO's might do more harm than good in the long run. Better stick with organic, naturally grown oranges - it's been tested from thousand of years already. 

Posted on Feb 20, 2011
Rossi Vali   L1: Member   6 answers   +1 votes
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That's perfectly fine. :) Oranges are very healthy. The only side effect I could see of eating too many oranges (and this would have to be over a long period of time) would be that the acidity of the oranges could soften the enamel of your teeth. But that would only be if you ate that many oranges every day! cheap viagra | buy viagra

Posted on Jul 1, 2011
Rossi Vali   L1: Member   6 answers   +1 votes
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Oranges are well-known for being an excellent source of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is typically flushed out of the body by urine when you consume more than your body can utilize.

The National Institutes of Health recommends that adult men consume 90 mg of vitamin C per day and adult women consume 75 mg per day. It is not recommended to consume more than 2,000 mg. per day of vitamin C due to the increased chance of upset stomach or diarrhea. Consuming large doses can also lead to vomiting, heartburn, headache, bladder irritation and increased risk for kidney stones. kamagra

Other Effects

As with other fruits and fruit juices, oranges contain ample amounts of sugar. One medium orange contains 12 g of sugar, so diabetics and others concerned about sugar intake should monitor their serving sizes. viagra without prescription

Some people report sensitivity to oranges, especially on the skin and around the mouth. Those with citrus allergies or sensitivities must be careful when handling or consuming citrus fruits. Orange peel contains volatile oils that are known irritants. Food allergies can cause itching, swelling and trouble breathing.

Posted on Sep 8, 2011

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