Health Concerns About Food Safety
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Health Concerns About Food Safety

Food safety is the responsibility of every consumer. These facts give customers health alerts to know.

Today health concerns about food safety are in the news around the world since a large amount of exports and imports occur between countries. During the summer months chatter about keeping picnic foods with mayonnaise refrigerated is buzzing. Chops, chicken, steaks and burgers are mentioned to prevent health problems by thoroughly cooking them on the grill. Watchful eyes in the kitchen are stated in numerous magazines and bulletins about the germs that linger from one cutting board, knife or serving bowl. Winter seems to calm the anxiety of those cautions yet they still exist.

Leptospirosis is a potentially deadly illness that is acquired from exposure to the urine of diseased animals, including rats, frogs, rabbits, snakes, pigs and dogs.  Better known as Weil's disease it generally causes aches, pains, and fever that go away on their own. One in ten exhibits high fever, jaundice, acute kidney failure, liver complications, meningitis, internal bleeding and occasional death.

Weil's disease has been blamed on unwashed soda can tops where people drink from those containers without washing first. Those claims were assuaged by CDC claiming those soda companies packed containers into cardboard boxes with plastic covering at times, while on conveyor belts and are quickly delivered to stores having little time for urine to be excreted on those items. Furthermore 100 to 200 cases reported each year by CDC are treatable with antibiotics.

United States citizens rely heavily on Government organizations to keep food safe for consumption. Nearly on a weekly basis the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) recalls some food or drug that originally passed all regulatory guidelines and yet is now withdrawn due to contamination. During the month of December Velvet Creame Popcorn Co of Westwood, Kansas issued a statement to alert people with allergies to realize a risk of three ingredients in their product.

An allergic reaction can be a simple malaise to a life threatening circumstance. The undeclared contents of milk, soy and wheat in the Velvet Creame Popcorn Co. product has been pulled from distribution, but might have already been consumed or is still on your shelf waiting for it to be eaten.

Many imports and exports have food safety concerns that are reported either by consumers, doctors treating ill patients or by the company when random inspections are done. This in not one country, one state or city problem.

Health concerns about food safety can be sent to your inbox by the Federal Drug Administration upon requesting that consumer information by contacting them using the link provided below.



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I bet most people that get sick have no idea what caused it. You certainly would not expect to be sick from a pop can.. at least if I was sick that would not be my first guess.

great advice

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never heard of this disease reminds me of my article on Q fever which is also a rare disease transferred by animals and grain feed.

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Leptospirosis is very deadly so better watch out for it.

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I'm so cautious in the kitchen that I am constantly scrubbing wiping down everything with bleach water. Excellent information my friend. Tweeted

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Learning again from your excellent advices Roberta, thanks.

Great article here. Well written

We all need to be more careful! Thanks for this informative article!

It is scary to think where our food has been before it hits the table.

we should be careful!

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Good information. Thank you. Voted up. Thank you also for your affectionate support.

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There has been much information in the news about unsafe foods. Thanks for the article, it has a lot of great information to make everyone think about what they are buying. Nice job, Roberta!

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