Health Benefits of Peanuts
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Health Benefits of Peanuts

Some people regard peanut as unhealthy. On the contrary, not only this legume can be a cheap source of energy, a peanut can be a good guardian against heart disease and cancer.

Same with those having allergies with peanuts, people who have arthritis should also shun these from their diet. As a legume- high in uric acid, peanut no doubt can worsen their condition. However for most ordinary people, not having the problems mentioned, worries about eating peanuts is not necessary. That is, as long as we take them in moderation.

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Peanut isn’t a bad news. Research shows that nuts (peanuts are included in the nut class although technically a legume) are good source of essential nutrients and may be useful in improving the cardiovascular health, preventing cancer.

  • Peanuts contain a lot of fat but the right kind

Most people think of them as 'too fatty', however fifty percent of the fat in peanut is mono-unsaturated. This type of fat can help lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol without affecting the HDL or good cholesterol. In addition, a much greater consumption of monounsaturated fats lower the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer, asthma breast cancer and depression.

  • Peanuts contain resveratrol, folic acid and B vitamins

Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant. More to this one ounce of peanuts provides 10 percent of the daily recommended amount of folic acid and B vitamins to lower the risk of heart disease.

  • Peanut butter is an affordable source of calories

About one tablespoon of peanut butter is equivalent to 1000 calories (4g of protein) of peanut butter. Indeed a cheap source of energy for athletes or active people who needs to fuel up.

However let this be a warning, that most commercial peanut butter has hydrogenated fat which can be undesirable. Hydrogenated fat increases the risk of heart disease when taken in excess.

Buy a peanut butter that doesn’t have hydrogenated fat added. The natural kind of peanut butter is the best or those that only includes peanut and salt. These types have oils that rise to the top. You can decrease the overall fat content by pouring it off.

Image by Jamieanne

Eating in moderation

Peanuts can be addicting. The best way of to limit their intake is to not to buy much. If you are accustomed into buying a big bag, buy the smaller pack the next time. Peanuts are best incorporated with recipes. Mix them with pretzels and raisins or grind them into sauce instead. Sprinkle them as chopped nuts into your food. Me? I like them best with my ice cream.

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Comments (28)

WOW I found you! LOL... I am so glad for the information on peanut butter, I love it but don't eat it every week. I also love peanuts...well any nuts, I love them all but I haven't eaten meat for 33 years and they are a great source of protein.

The incredible peanut. Nuts! They're great! Good facts.

peanuts are not good for diabetes and people with high cholesterol, the salt content is over the top for people who have to restrict their salt intake.

Unsalted peanuts are best. Peanuts can in fact lower bad cholesterol, as stated in the article.

Great article Phoenix. I love peanuts. I'm a prediabetic.. and I love them.. and don't intend to stop. I have cut down on the salted ones though... I love to take them in their shucks and boil them... yummy!

Peanuts are delicious and they are addicting.

peanut can be good and what is good for you of course...thanks

Ranked #24 in Food Safety

very informative

Very interesting and surprising.

Peanuts were a large part of my childhood diet. It's not because my parents believed it was brain food. It was because it's almost always available anywhere on our town. Any street corner has someone selling peanuts. I really love them!

Ranked #3 in Food Safety

Good article Phoenix - just one sentence gave my wife a small hiccup though: "Same with those having allergies with peanuts, people who have arthritis should also shun these from their diet. As a legume- high in uric acid, peanut no doubt can worsen their condition" - we try, as +/- Vegetarians, to get HIGH Quality nuts, and her pains in the joints have worsened.......PEANUTS......Where does it end....We are looking at Hemp Oil to relieve the symptoms - what is your opinion?

Good information about peanuts. I wrote about the health benefits over a year ago and found it pretty amazing, and as per Colin's question about arthritis pain I would try turmeric or ginger. They both contain natural anti-inflammatory properties. I have written on both of those also. They are definitely worth trying!

I love peanuts. You cannot stop me from eating this nut whenever available. I'm glad to know its health benefits. Hmm, did I hear something in my bones?

Ranked #12 in Food Safety

this is what i eat when reviewing time in my school days, great health article on peanuts!

Sir Colin Dovey :) I've heard so many benefits of Hemp oil.... It is from the seeds of Marijuana but it lacks the psychoactive element. Give it a try sir :)

I learned something from this article. As I love peanuts, cashews, and macedamia nuts, I had no idea that peanuts could adversely effect someone who is afflicted with arthritic conditions. Any suggestions on natural remedies for arthritis and related diseases? Another great awareness article. Great work.

I count myself lucky I'm not allergic to peanuts... just like Ron, it's one of my favorite snacks whenever I had to cram for exams!

I like my peanuts a lot. Thanks for sharing the benefits.

enjoyed this one on peanuts Phoenix

Peanut consumption were usually attributed to pimples but who can resist them anyway? It's good to know there's something good about peanuts.

Mmm peanuts!! Who knew they were so healthy!

Very well researched as usual. Very informative, thank you my friend.

yes, very informative

great information, peanuts are very good. i especially like satay sauce :)

oh my, I do have leg pain and thanks for letting know me know that peanuts can increase pain in legs

Useful info, thanks!

This is another very informative post. I learnt a lot here. Thank you so much Phoenix.

Very best wishes.

Hello Phoenix! Just revisiting. Thank you, my friend.