Facts About rBGH/rBST Hormones in Milk and Dairy Products and Its Correlation to Twin Birth
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Facts About rBGH/rBST Hormones in Milk and Dairy Products and Its Correlation to Twin Birth

Some milks ingested by pregnant mother contain rBGH or rBST identified as a genetically replica of Bovine growth hormone ) (BGH) and Insulin growth factor( IGF) which linked in cow twinning have the same effects with women. Find out in this article if there half truth to it.

What’s this?

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or rBGH, also known as rBST or Bovine Somatotropin from genetically engineered replica of bovine growth hormones were responsible for high output of milk production by as much as 10-15% in cow. The drugs which are injected to cow are introduce to the markets and sold to dairy farmers under the name POSILAC manufacture by Monsanto Company was approve by the Food and Drug Administration in late 1993 and has been in use since 1994.

Anti BGH activist alleged that drinking milk laced with rBGh or rBST hormones posed risks to human health ranging from breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, hypertension to reproductive abnormalities. Over the past years, several anti rBGH advocates protested having drugs in milk and raise awareness to the consumer to educate them to buy only milk and dairy products label rBGH free. Within the last 2 years, top department stores like Wal-mart, Stabucks, Kroger, and about 40 of the 100 dairies producers remove rBGH products on their supermarket shelves.

How does it work?

According to a study published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine found that women who drank milk are three times more likely to have twins than vegans. Based on a theory that Insulin growth hormones or IGF, a protein produced by all mammals works with the same effect when ingested by women. Animals who receive BGH replica tend to have a high rise in their IGF hormones. It is suspected that cows injected with rBGH pass the hormones to women who drink the milk.

What does it promise?

Women who like to have twins may drink milk treated with rBGH. Twinning rates in US alone during 1990’s doubles since milk treated with rBGH are introduce in the market, says Gary Steinman, M.D., an obstetrician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde park, NY. This is a good development for couples who like to have twins that instead of undergoing fertility consultation, women have the option to drink milk with rBGH to heighten their chances to have twins.

 The verdict:

The recent development gives hopes to women who plan to have twins by drinking milk treated with rBGH. Women who do not like to have twins should avoid drinking milk with rBGH, unless the milk are label with organic rBST or rBGH-free. It is recommended for women to switch to other milk alternatives like soy or organic milk for precaution to avoid twinning. IGF from food is not absorbed directly by the body and some proteins in milk boost directly the body own proteins IGF production. Most rbGh products are banned in Europe and Canad while almost 95% of US dairy farmers refuse to use rBGH in their livestock feeds. Anti- rBGH activist beliefs that cow treated with rBGH hormones were more susceptible to mad cow diseases, udder infection and birth deformed calves. Also milk with laced with rBGH contains less protein and have higher levels of saturated fats as well as traces of antibiotics, pus and bacteria.

The drug company responsible for the marketing of this absurd drug under the trade name Posilac is Monsanto. In their words: Use of POSILAC has been associated with increases in cystic ovaries and disorders of the uterus, digestive disorders, enlarged hocks and lesions (lacerations, enlargements, calluses) of the knee. A final word of concern based from gather study much sough precaution should be kept in mind before drinking milk treated with rBGH if you do not want the following adverse reaction to happen to you as indicated in the drugs manufacturer product label.

Lastly human twinning does not depend on the intake of milk laced with rBGH alone and several factors such as inheritance (natural) and diet (nurture) were also correlated. The end effects of drinking milk which contains rBGH does not lead alone in the possibility of twinning but also have other issues which been the subject of many research and protest from both groups advocating its uses and those who are against the rBGH concern healthy eating. The risk accompanying the intake of milk and dairy products with rBGH could be minimize with the influx of organic products accessible both in supermarkets and fresh farm producers.

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